Information Center of the Independent Women's Forum (ICIWF)
    is a non-profit, non-commercial organization. The mission of the ICIWF is to promote the transformation of the society, culture and economics at non-discriminatory basis; promote the advancement of women.

    The aims of ICIWF:

  • support the regional women's initiatives;
  • development of educational programs for women;
  • development of the information exchange between women's organizations;
  • institutionalization of women's movement.

more information

During 2002-2008 years ICIWF's activity was supported with Heinrich Buelle Foundation

UN-Habitat in cooperation with other international organizations are presenting 2 editions on Women's safety

p/b 230, Moscow 119019 Tel./fax: (495)3669274

We continue the traditions of the Russian women's movement, our activity is aimed at the empowerment of women
We conduct our activity in the form of public expertise and consultations; analysis and research work; meetings, seminars, conferences and discussions, united by topics and directions into actions and projects
We work out the mechanisms of information exchange between women's and other organizations.