Woman Plus...
  N 1, 2002

New appearance of the site "Open Women Line":
Informational portal "Woman and Society"

Friends! Finally we are able to gladden you and rejoice ourselves! The five years of work at the creation and development of the site "Open Woman Line"* gave tremendous results: more than 50 MBt of information, attendance from all over the world, more than 50 thousand visits to the pages of the site monthly. Following the tendency towards the development of ICT (informational communication technology), successfully upcoming site has grown into an informational subject-matter portal** - "Woman and Society".

While working out the structure of the portal we wanted the information, which is gathered at the site, to be easy of access to all the permanent or occasional visitors of the "Open Woman Line" - the main page of the portal will be your guide on the wide subject "Woman and Society". "Contents of the portal" is a part for users unwilling to waste a lot of time searching necessary information: here you can find a brief description of every subject available in the portal, and it can be a start of the way to the informational labyrinth. For those who know what they are looking for there is an ordinary panel containing enumeration of the main parts of the portal: The main page, News, Catalogue, Magazine, Publications, Documents, Search of funds, Vocabulary, Community, Women organizations, Creation, Portraits, Open pages, Forums, Archive, About the creators of the portal. For regular visitors there is an advertising of new information to come on the first page.

New opportunity of the portal is an electronic subscription to the news (including thematic one): in the form of digest or electronic texts. If you feel that you are overloaded with information you may just as easily stop subscribing the news as you have subscribed.

A nice opportunity to give your view on the material located at the portal let both the readers of the magazine "Woman Plus…" and the visitors of the portal carry on a dialogue with the authors of the articles and share your impressions of the actions told about in the section "News".

"Open pages" is a new section opened at the portal which gives an opportunity to all the authors writing on the subject "Woman and Society" to place their materials: articles, stories, researches, for an easy and broad access. All the Russian writing authors are invited!

For those who save on paper we offer a dense "printing option" which is available on each page with a thematic block of text.

We are glad that in our portal there are communication opportunities for all its users - you can take part in the discussion on the section "Forum". Two discussions are already at hand; these are "Civil forum - what's next?" and "Gender equality - what is it and what for?" besides you can offer your own subject for discussion and thereby stir up and enlarge the information space on the subject "Woman and Society".

Opinion of any person interested in the subject of "Woman and Society" is important for us. Inquiries made within the limits of the portal represent all the spectrum of the existing opinions, discover the range and profundity of interests of the women society.

At present one thematic portal is not enough for the women Internet-community which though being uncoordinated has existed for several years already. "Ring of women sites 1" unites about 20 sites. "Ring" is an instrument for the insertion of your resource in case you consider it to be concerned with the subject in question; women Internet-association is open for everybody straight at the portal.

We create our association ourselves! That is why let us be active and take part in the forums, hold debates, formulate women opinions of the problems we face, about the events taking place in our country and in the world. The device helping us to unite our voices has been established and it is working.

Welcome to renewed http://www.owl.ru!

Send your materials, news and advertisements to be placed at the portal!

Editors of the data portal of "Woman and Society",
Natalia Babich, Galina Grishina, Alena Denisova
Our address: ed@owl.ru

* domain OWL.RU was registered on November 18, 1996
**portal is a site organized as a system-formatted multilevel combination of resource and service