N 4, 2002


Dear readers!

You will have received this issue of the magazine on New Year's Eve and the editorial staff congratulates you heartily on the occasion of this wonderful holiday, the holiday when everybody looks ahead to her most cherished wishes and as a child hopes that they will come true. So be it!

Truth to tell, this issue is not a New Year's one. Our authors relate in it of numerous and various events, happened in summer. They reflect upon problems of the contemporary Russian woman's movement, upon gender education and gender equality, continue discussions on themes of violence towards women and sexism in the mass media. Our permanent rubric "Internet resources" proposes to you the review of electronic publications about women and announcement of literature on gender themes, placed in the portal "Woman and society".

As usual, we tried to present interesting materials, which might help in your work and life. As for what you are interested in, we shall come to know from your comments, which are addressed to our magazine. The map, placed on the inner cover, represents the geography of the readers of the magazine "Woman Plus". Your comments come from many cities, towns and settlements of Russia, from neighboring and distant foreign countries, including various questions about woman's movement, about concrete persons and organizations; requests to send our magazine or its electronic version to the information center; proposals for co-operation.

We are always glad of meetings with you, of your letters. For example, of the following one: "We kindly request you to help us to restore the set of all magazines issued by you during all publication years (or, at least, for the last two years). First, we did not receive it regularly, and, second, both fortunately and unfortunately, it is so popular, that we cannot safeguard it - they pilfer and pilfer it, we cannot always keep an eye on it" (Woman's Center, Magadan).

And though we cannot help you to restore the set of issued magazines since all the issues, up to the last one, are sent to the readers, please, believe us - we do not have more powerful stimulus in our further work than your interest. Please, write to us and together we can make our magazine better and more useful!

Irene Rylnikova
Chief Editor
Magazine "Woman Plus"