Woman Plus...
  N 1, 2002

From the editors

Dear Readers!

    One more year passed quite imperceptibly, and the thought, that the humanity 'changed' the whole millenium, stopped to astonish and excite mass perception, it became quite customary. As usual, reviewing the year, it is difficult to come to a single estimation: life of each person taken separately and of all people as a whole is formed of a great number of events and is arranged in such a way that clear and giving hope exists side by side with terrible and tragic. These are grief and joy, good and evil, happiness and misfortune that comprise our life.

The terrorist attacks of September in America shook and turned over the world, and all the consequences of these terrific events are impossible to be forecast. The world split up into those who claim soon and frightful punishment and those who urge to stop, deaden the roar of arms and examine the events that happened and to see what can be corrected while it is not too late. Sometimes it seems to me that the latter are in the minority, and then I think that people have lost an instinct of self-preservation and race conservation.

The war in Chechnya does not end; it became a certain ordinary nightmare: there are people who do their work in the war and those who make their business there, prudently and cynically, believing in their own impunity.

In a whole we should confess that the third millenium is starting with agitation, and we may only believe and hope that people will find the way to overcome belligerence inside themselves and aggression around, having understood that only this gives them a chance to survive. This is the subject that is discussed by the authors of many materials of this issue: read the subject headings 'Life without violence', 'Tolerance', 'Interview with Aishat Magomedova'.

But not the whole life is war, and you, our readers, know it very well: all of us live, love, work, bring up children and think about the future. And with great pleasure we tell about it on the pages of the magazine 'Woman Plus…'.

At the Civil forum, which has taken place recently, during the discussions, more than once I heard complaints from the NCO representatives of a lack of attention on the part of the big press, of a shortage of information about the life of noncommercial organizations and people working there. Dear colleagues! Bear in mind that you have us at your disposal, the third-sector publications! And our audience is vast and interested enough. Send your materials, share your problems, your opinions, tell us about new projects, using both traditional and new interactive opportunities (informational portal 'Woman and Society').

The editors of the magazine 'Woman Plus…' wish you a Happy New Year, sound health and good luck! And let our mutual work change the life for the better!

Irina Rilnicova